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Cancer: Can you join me and come to my “DARK PLACE”?

This was what I wrote and thought about early on upon finding out I had BRAIN CANCER. I picked up a pen and the words became my heart. Every word written with tear drops hitting the paper. I coped. Many people with cancer feel completely alone in a crowded room. I suggest picking up a pen.

“And slowly she drifted into darkness, each piece cracking and ripping away, until there was nothing left. Alone. Always alone. They never realized how broken she was. Her smile was a mask. The mask she had worn for so long to hide, the poison living inside her. The sorrow. The anger. The silence. Her insides screamed a deafening tone. But no sound was ever made. The poison. It surrounded her. It suffocated her. She lost herself. She was just a body. Lifeless. Cold.
Empty. Gone.
When the darkness finally took her, she did not scream. She did not cry. She did not care. She gave pieces of her soul to everyone around her but never took any for herself. If they only knew who she was on the inside. Emptiness flooded in her veins blacker than a cold starless night. When the darkness finally devoured her, she welcomed it. Her heart was bleeding. What should anyone care

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How Cancer Turned My World Upside Down


I am a woman in love. I am woman in love who has a brain tumor in my head. My boyfriend Tyler and I began dating in October of 2011. He was the man of my dreams. I was a senior in high-school. When I first saw him, my stomach felt like it had butterflies fluttering around in it. Tyler is a couple of years older than I am. I feel connected to him in ways that I never felt connected to anyone before.

During the next 26 months, we fell in love and became each other’s forever valentines.

I became sick in December of 2013. Shortly thereafter, We found out why. Together, we heard the horrible words. “You have CANCER.” I slumped. Tyler caught me. He has held me up ever since. He is my rock. My safety net. The reason I can go on and fight the Cancer Monster.

After that awful Brain Cancer diagnosis, I grew depressed and dark. We started fighting more and more. We couldn’t understand how each other felt and we were not on the same page. My Fear: Losing my best friend and lover. The Cancer Monster wanted to take Tyler from me. I wanted and needed Tyler to love me. I now take pills to stabilize my moods to prevent the fighting.

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I Made it to World Cancer Day…Now What?!


As I look back on the past 8 months, I cry. Time must be broken. It felt like an eternity. I have done 30 radiation sessions (external beam radiation) with a thermoplastic mask over my face. Too much radiation can kill you. During these sessions they strapped me down to the table. Every time, drugs flooded into my veins as I became nauseous. I HATED IT.

They STOP the CHEMO!!! They had to stop the Chemo in November. WHY? I got an infection in my head. The infection caused me to have surgery on my head. I am now missing a piece of my skull. I had to have a picc line (Which is a peripherally inserted central catheter in my big vein.) for 8 weeks in my arm to pump me full of antibiotics twice a day.

Get the Gallbladder OUT!!!
One of the antibiotics caused gallstones and I had to get my gallbladder out. However, 2 gallstones passed causing choledocholithiasis. That is a fancy word that means the gallstones lodged in my common bile duct instead of the gallbladder. Basically, the stones are on the way to my pancreas.

Ready for MORE Radiation. NO WAY. First things first. This last December, right before Christmas, they put a titanium plate (Craniotomy) in my skull.

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