What is my diagnosis? Cancer? Dying?

June, 2014. The pain is more immense and I am getting dizzy more often. My vision blurs. I can’t ever complete a full shift at work. I am at home. My boyfriend Tyler finds me rolling on the bed screaming in pain. My mother rubs my back as I vomit into the toilet. Day in, day out, this goes on. My boss is worried about me. My attendance at work is sporadic. They see me in a bad way.

On June 25th, I am frustrated. I go to Dr. B again. She examines me and gives me a new medicine, telling me, “MRI scans are expensive and you’re only 19…nothing will show up anyway…. you’re too young.”. I left her office obsessing, What am I “too young” for? Cancer? Dying?
I went to stay with my mom. My boyfriend, Tyler, needed to sleep an entire night to be able to go to work. I am vomiting every 20 minutes at my mom’s. I kept telling her I felt like I was dying. My mom looked frightened.

The next day, she drove me to the emergency room. They looked at my charts and immediately said, “Your doctor just gave you new meds. We are going to give you liquids and Tylenol B and send you home.”. The nurse stabbed me with an IV six times. I received some liquids in my arm and went home.

June 29th. I was working the morning shift and felt the sensation I’ve had for months. It jolted me like an earthquake. I went to my boss. I was totally pale. My mouth was dry. I went to the work refrigerator for my water bottle and collapsed hitting my head on the door. My boss carried me into his office. My stepdad came and took me to the emergency room.

When I got out of the car in front of the emergency room, I collapsed again. The hospital employees watching from inside the hospital, rushed out to me and put me into a wheelchair. They took me directly into into a trauma room. I woke up screaming and hyperventilating. I only wanted to see my mother. My stepdad squeezes my hand and assured me she was on her way from work. I pass out for the rest of the day.

Eighteen hours later, my mom and I find out that my CAT scan and MRI results are very bad. My mom runs out of the room screaming. She collapses in the parking lot.

The next day, I was transferred to a second hospital…

Did Dr. B help me or not? At what point should I have realized I should have gone directly to the emergency room?

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