About Us

Connect4Cancer, a cancer awareness charity in Los Angeles, California provides various services according to their mission to help people connect for cancer. In 2012, Emerson Harris, a teenager, formed Connect4Cancer (C4C) along with friends and family. Emerson strives to be a strong voice for all children, teens, women and men facing cancer, ensuring that they know they do not need to face this disease alone. As a member of a family that has lost far too many relatives and friends to cancer, Emerson understands the importance of ensuring that everyone has access to Connect4Cancer’s unique resources.

Connect4Cancer is a community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through empowerment, support education, advocacy, and service.

Our charity located in Los Angeles, California provides various services in accordance with our mission to help people connect 4 cancer to cope with this terrible disease. The organization advocates the realities of cancer to the public. C4C conducts monthly cancer awareness campaigns to educate and inform the public about the disease. During these campaigns, volunteers of the organization distribute apparel, advocacy items and other informational literature to the public for free. As they distribute these items, the volunteers inform and educate the recipients on cancer related issues.

Connect4Cancer also sells apparel to promote awareness and to raise funds for donations which you can buy in our online store. The sales of the shirts , beanies, etc., will cover supply costs and the rest will be used exclusively for the purposes of the organization. The shirts’ designs promote cancer awareness and C4C’s mission. Initially, we have been selling cancer awareness-colored shirts with our organization’s name on it. The organization will purchase all supplies necessary and sell them during our awareness campaigns.

As a member of the Coalition of Childhood Cancer, Connect4Cancer encourages and empowers others, especially children and teens, to get involved and make a difference for all  children and teens with cancer. We increase public awareness about the severity and prevalence of one of the deadliest forms of childhood cancer. We support a national database on all primary brain tumors. Provide educational and emotional support for patients, families and caregivers.

Connect4Cancer’s mission concerns young adults with cancer and their families. C4C provides support and distributes information concerning resources and support from diagnosis through long-term survivorship. We strive to work with healthcare providers, researchers and legislators to educate them about the unique issues young adults face. C4C’s goal is to help all young adults find meaning, comfort and hope during one of the most challenging moments of their lives.

We want to put an end to cancer!

Our goal: No more fear. No more hospital visits. No more side effects or needless suffering. No more Chemo. No more Remissions. No more loved ones tragically lost to cancer. The only way to achieve this goal is through education, support, advocacy, empowerment and research. 

We believe we can help folks by preventing, controlling and hoping for the cancer cure. We’re working to beat all 200 plus cancers and we rely completely on donations from people like you.

Connect4Cancer Diversity Statement

C4C is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming community to everyone. C4C does not discriminate. Our organization aims to make C4C a place where children, teens, women and men of all backgrounds can come together. we wish to serve cancer patients, cancer survivors, family members, caregivers of various socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures and disabilities. C4C hosts an online diverse community and partners with organizations that provide resources to people from any background.

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