Connect4Cancer Minority Health Project increases cancer awareness in one of the most vulnerable segments of the US population. Moreover. we wish to help all diverse communities with other health related problems. We collaborate with community-based stakeholders to build knowledge surrounding minority population health concerns.

Connect4Cancer's mission is to strengthen, amplify and sustain the health care delivery system to eliminate health inequities— improving health outcomes and closing disparities gaps—which are rooted in historical and contemporary injustices and discrimination.

We advocate the position that racial disparities within cancer community have a devastating effect on thousands of people. Some racial and ethnic groups suffer more often, and fare worse, from certain ailments compared to others. For example, prostate cancer is one disease where such disparities occur. In comparison to white men, black men have a 75% higher risk for the disease and experience roughly double the fatality rate. Yet white men are often overrepresented as research participants making these differences difficult to understand and address. 

Connect4Cancer envisions a nation where all people live in thriving communities where resources work well, systems are equitable and create no harm, and everyone has the power to achieve optimal health. A healthcare delivery system where all physicians are equipped with the consciousness, tools and resources to confront inequities as well as embed and advance equity within and across all aspects of the health system.

We believe health systems could go beyond mission and non-discrimination statements to disavow discrimination and show that diversity matters. We believe research and policy prioritization around diversity, equity, and inclusion could result in a health care workforce that mirrors the community it serves and, ultimately, lead to better health outcomes.

Connect4Cancer, Los Angeles is located directly adjacent to the park by the United States Federal Building on Veteran Avenue in Westwood, California. This park has tents for 3-400 people who are underserved by the medical community in Los Angeles. Until venues like Los Angeles address populations who are underserved healthcare systems will be considered inadequate.  Everyday, Connect4Cancer seeks partners to help alleviate this inhuman situation. No population should be left behind.

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