High School Cancer Awareness Clubs


A Step by Step Guide to Starting a
High School Cancer Awareness Club
  • 1. Check in the your school office who the exact person is to speak with to start a club at your school.
  • 2. Get your school’s application to start your cancer awareness club.
  • 3. Choose a faculty advisor(s) to be the mentor for your club.
  • 4. Tell all your friends you are doing it and explain to them your reasons.
  • 5. Check the Connect4Cancer Toolkit for ideas to use.
  • 6. Ask your friends who are interested to get their friends to join.
  • 7. Decide what “roles” and “titles” are needed to direct your clubs meetings and activities.
  • 8. Make sure the initial students who join all have “roles” and “titles. (i.e., president, treasurer, event manager).
  • 9. Remember the #1 rule of the club is to be “inclusive”.
  • 10. Try to have students join from all grades so that the club can pass down thru the grades as seniors graduate.
  • 11. Write down the mission (what your club stands for and what are it’s goals) and any specific rules.
  • 12. Have a meeting to introduce all the club members to each other. Brainstorm ideas.
  • 13. Work on ideas to publicize your club around your high school campus.
  • 14. If you need help from Connect4Cancer let us know. We want to help.
  • 15. Try to plan one activity per month to be the focus of the club’s activities.