If I am Vomiting…is it Cancer?

12:00am!! It’s New Year’s 2014! A time to start anew. For me, at 19, a time of pain.

Omg!! I’m sorry for being rude. Hello there. My name is Katie and I just received my third New Year’s kiss from Tyler, the love of my life; but as the weeks press on, the new year becomes a living hell.

February. I wake up every day and go to work at Sears. Today though, it was different. For 2 weeks, I wake up with a nonstop pounding sensation in my head. I swallow 100 mg Excedrin Migraine tablets like they are Tic-Tacs and, as usual, one of these “horse” pills gets stuck in my throat. I jam water down my throat and the pill goes in the wrong pipe. It’s a routine. It bites! I put on my freshly folded “Sears work clothes” that smell like I fell in a tub of Fabreze and go to work. When I get to work, I fall down in the office holding my head. My co-workers convince me to call Dr. B for an appointment. I really do not like doctors. I delay going to see the doctor until I’m practically dragged into the office by my ear.

March 10, 2014, doctor’s office visit. The office smells like latex and the alcohol of hand sanitizer. Right away I get nauseous. She examines me and assures me it’s nothing more than a “sinus infection”. I wanted to trust her. She, with her experience and knowledge. So naturally, I take the antibiotics and hope it’ll “fix” me…make me normal but all I do is vomit.

Beginning of April, the Colorado spring is finally blooming and I’m having worse symptoms. Vomiting until it feels like my stomach shuts down. The toilet is my friend. Bass drum sounds banging in my ears. I do not want to, but I call Dr. B again. She re-evaluates me and is dead certain that it is simply tension migraines. I’m totally stressed. I hear, “It’ll be fine, don’t worry.

If she only knew…

Has this happened to you? Did your doctor not know you had cancer? Have you been misdiagnosed?
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