“Only Education, Advocacy, & Research can Lead to a CURE”

The Connect4Cancer Student Advocacy Program provides high school students with the opportunity to be heard in the cancer community and become their own advocates. During our first program, we hosted 12 high school students who had been affected by pediatric cancer or had an interest in getting involved in the C4C cancer community.

The C4C Student Advocacy Program invites high school students from around the country to Capitol Hill for a two day program. During the program, students learn from a variety of speakers about pediatric cancer, the process of passing legislation, the process of FDA drug approval, and activism. Throughout the program, students go on tours of the Capitol, including both the Senate and Congressional buildings. Students have the opportunity to meet with their district's congressional staff. At the end of the second day, the students are taught how to start and run a High School Cancer Awareness Club. The C4C Student Advocacy Program is the only program that provides high school students who are passionate about cancer advocacy with the opportunity to meet other like-minded students and learn how to become cancer advocates for both their communities and their generation.

Our first program was a major success, and we are looking to expand participation and program opportunities for the future. Following this program, we continue to support students in creating Cancer Awareness Clubs at their high schools, providing them with both apparel and C4C's Cancer Awareness Club Toolkit. To apply, please click on the pink Student Advocates box on our home page. If you have any questions, please contact

One of the students, Gavin Morrison, shares his experience below:

I really enjoyed meeting with congressional staff representatives and most importantly the incredible people involved in this program. This program has it all.
The Connect4Cancer Program really is the ultimate experience for any cancer advocate, from meeting people who are fighting for the same things as you to meeting people with completely different initiatives you really do get to see all sides in the battle against childhood cancer.
With the guidance of incredible instructors any high school student can and will take something of value away from this experience that they can bring home and use to advocate in their own communities.

Why I Am Now A Connect4Cancer Student Advocate

  • 1One of the five main things I took away from this experience is a fuller understanding of what it is like to go through the pediatric cancer experience. I have not personally been touched by cancer myself but after hearing the stories of the other advocates that had either had a sibling or friend diagnosed with cancer or had even had cancer themselves I was given a much better understanding as to why families facing this incredibly horrible experience need and deserve support to help alleviate some of the stresses they are facing.
  • 2Another thing I took away from this is how important it is to get your voice out into the world. I have learned that there is not a more powerful tool then a human voice. Speaking out for what you believe in is the single most important thing when it comes to advocating.
  • 3One of the other things I learned from this program was that nothing is easy, all you can do is keep pushing and pushing until something moves. If you stay persistent, work together and never let up something will happen and it will most definitely be for the greater good.
  • 4Yet another great skill I learned from this program is how to attract the attention of people in power. Through various speakers sharing their ideas and experiences. I have learned that the best way to get someone’s attention is to be prepared, to know and to believe in what you are talking about and to try your hardest to make a personal connection with that person, give them something that they will remember.
  • The Connect4Cancer staff and the other C4C Student Advocates were some of the most amazing people I have met. I am pleased to now be connected to them in the battle against pediatric cancer.