It is 4:23am on Wednesday 4th November… So this time last week I was getting up and I panicked and unpacked and repacked my bag to take to hospital.

I have already posted my “what is in my hospital bag” vlog. 
Then I had another shower and washed down myself with the surgical soap that they gave me and double washed my hair since I knew it would be a long while before I could properly wash it again.

All these tasks were methodical and strangely I was numb, I had been waiting months for this day within hours my risk was going to reduce from 88% chance of breast cancer to 5% … In a weird way I was looking forward to feeling relief and I guess that was keeping me calm even though, this was the really really scary part.

Next, I was drying my hair and drinking my last glass of water, I got Danny up and just did ANOTHER check of things that I wanted to take.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:30am and it was very, very surreal because all the entrances and everything was closed. This hospital doesn’t have an A&E department so it was quite eerie to see that.
Perfectly timed, Nicola arrived, she is a photographer who is doing a campaign for Breast Cancer Now and she is just the kindest lovliest lady and we chatted and she gave me a gift which I was just so delighted at, Nicola was the perfect distraction.

Well we weren’t allowed into the hospital as we were too early and we had to sit in the car until 7am of which had Nicola not been there, I probably would have started getting really nervous.

When we were finally allowed in Danny was keeping me calm, he carried all my bags and it was a really long walk to the pre admission section. I got there, checked in and the room was quite packed so I was surprised when I was the second one to be called up.

“They want to take you in first so we need to get you prepped pretty quickly” I was sort of relieved, I didn’t want to spend the day waiting and waiting.

First thing, height, weight. Then quickly changed into the gown.

A few questions filled in and then the anesthesiologist came to see me. “I am nervous I won’t wake up & I am nervous I will wake up in the surgery” I said… The 2 most common fears. “Well for someone your age, health and weight is is very very very rare” “did you come in a car here today?” , yes “well you have already done the most dangerous thing you are going to do today.”

I was really starting to feel much more at ease. Next the rest of my surgical team came down and and introduced themselves to me, then I was sat on a bed and my surgeon started drawing me up. This is strange, I found myself making conversation to break the silence, but I was having lines drawn on me with the intention of showing where they are going to cut me open. I needed distraction.

Next was a last few minutes to say goodbye to Danny, we walked to the theatre ward together and he held my hand to keep me calm.

Put on a bed, another check of my details and then wheeled into the pre theatre, needle in the back of my hand, anesthesiologist “I am going to give yousomething now that will make you feel a bit drunk and like the room is spinning, this is a pain relief and then I am going to administer the stuff to send you into a sleep… At this point I just shut my eyes for both and pretended I was trying to have a good nights sleep, it was good to do because the next thing I knew I was being woken up from a really good dream.

“Katie, you are all done, are you ok?” I was in the recovery ward, I looked at the clock, 12:20.
I apparently woke up quicker than normal and I was awake before they had given me the pain relief so I felt like there was a lot of pressure on my chest, they quickly gave me pain relief and by 12:25 I was sat up in bed talking and having a laugh with the nurses.

There was a delay in me being collected from the recovery ward, I was sat there for nearly 2 hours, I was being very well looked after and the nurses were so lovely so there was no problem. The only downside was that my family only had the contact number for the ward so everyone thought I was still in surgery. But as soon as I got to the ward they called my family and let me speak to them so everyone was happy in the end.
I did have a LOT of vomiting from the morphine so I was switched to codeine. As soon as I stood up to go to the toilet ( 3 hours later) I projectile vomited across the bathroom, I felt really guilty to the nurse that had to clean that up. For the first 24hours I was put into a private room and that really helped me sleep. I was absolutely fine and the next day I got up did my makeup and nails which made me feel like me again.

The next day I was put onto a ward again, standard crazy lady was talking to me constantly, I was high on pain killers so I think I must have fallen asleep at some point. I slept 8 hours so that was great.

Next day I CAME HOME! ? ? ?

The worst part about being at home was that my drain on my left sidewas very painful because the vacuum had sucked against a nerve on my chest wall and it was really sore when I stood up but it was ok when I was lying down.

But Monday they took my drains out and the last 24 hours my recovery has come on huge milestones.

So where am I now?
Well, I am a bit all over the place with my sleeping but it is only because I can only sleep in one position which isn’t natural as you get pressure points on your body and you naturally move in your sleep. Even with a memory foam mattress I get stiff and so I am just getting sleep as and when. I am stiff but not sore so a week in this is amazing result. Much much better than I expected. Yesterday I had a shower and washed my hair which was amazing.

4am a week later.

So I am going to go back to bed now, I do appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Thank you so so so much for all your kind messsages and support it has been increadible. You have made my recovery so much easier.
Best Wishes, Katie

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